Nothing can be a better reward for us than satisfied customers. Below is a letter from one of our customers.


Testimonial from Richard Bladen

Dear Steve and Zoe,

I thought I'd drop you a line that you could add to your testimonials – because this letter is certainly by way of testimonial.

As you know, a number of medical issues suffered in 2012 pushed me to do some soul searching about pedelec bikes – whether it would be "cheating", the cost, the clunky look of the vast majority of the systems and bikes on the market, when I might use my favourite frame, and other conundrums – until I finally bit the bullet and (after a ride on some of your machines) placed an order for the conversion of not only my Soma frame machine, but also my wife Amanda's Breezer Greenway.

After a very quick turnaround, you presented me with some magic in the form of two Superlit conversions in time for some riding with Mandy, and some more vigorous rides with some very fit mates, over the Labour Day weekend.

So here is my take on things:

It is not cheating! I can ride with my mates at a pace that does not hold them back; previously I always had the feeling the group was feeling sorry for me, and was hanging back because of me. No more! (And there's always the possibility of blowing them off up a hill!)

It is not cheating! The amount of work I do is up to me, but even if there is no "work" I still have to turn the pedals, thus getting the cardiologist's tick of approval regarding the regime of light exercise he prescribed.

(On my commute to work - which I've done a couple of times in the short time since picking up the bikes - I've seen a 10% reduction in average heart rate, a 15% reduction in peak rate, no change in average cadence, and a massive 30% decrease in the time to work – not a huge number of rides on which to base any conclusion, but certainly enough for me to declare a huge difference!)

The cost is not insane. I get the privilege of a local expert providing a well set up piece of kit with knowledge, advice and explanation only a phone call away, and someone I can clear up any issues with immediately.

Yes, internet deals might seem cheaper in the beginning, but there is nothing to compare with service provided with accuracy and timeliness. Plus the internet packages look like they've been designed to emulate amateur engineering night at the local men's shed – it works, but looks like design is an afterthought. Which leads me to:-

The clunky look of most e-bikes or conversion kits is not an issue here; the only "non-bike" looking piece of equipment is the battery, and I had one of my friends thinking it was a thermos for iced water over the hot weekend! The motor is very discreet, and most of all, my favourite frame is in constant use – it is my bike with a helping hand, not a sub-standard and ugly frame with obvious bits and pieces attached.

The family that plays together, stays together! In previous tours with Mandy, the issue of differing speeds has caused much angst – I felt I had to slow down to a crawl, while she felt she was really pushing it to catch up. No more! Now she is hard to catch, and is much happier about the social aspects of riding. (In fact she's almost impossible to catch up hills – the significant weight difference between us means the same motor pushes her up a hill like a rocket, as opposed to my more sedate acceleration!)

(On the point about differing speeds and abilities, when it was postulated around a coffee with the group we were with, a number of the wives cried out in agreement, and then abused their husbands for leaving them behind when they ride. A couple of them then hopped on Mandy's bike and test rode it; so I may have inadvertently cost some of my mates some money, as the women were very impressed.)

The above is not by way of rationalisation – both Mandy and I think the bikes are fantastic. Discrete, usable and inviting, they may very well pay for themselves, replacing the car-to-the-shop dash for milk and OJ and other trips around the local area that were previously considered too far / hot / cold / tiring.

The huge grin on Mandy's (and my) face as she took off on a ride she would not have contemplated prior to the conversion without a change of clothes, water for three months, medical supplies and a weary contemplation of suffering as she tried to keep up with me I think is justification (and reward) for the system. So thanks, and feel free to refer any prospective customers to me if they need persuading!

Yours faithfully,

Richard Bladen

Email: richard.bladen@hotmail.com
Phone: 0412 258 011