Nothing can be a better reward for us than satisfied customers. Below is a letter from one of our customers.


elec trike Testimonial from Mrs Heather Safstrom

"Wow, wow, wow" was all that Nick could say once he tested out the new Niubike motor that has just been installed onto his Greenspeed recumbent trike, by Steve Brown. We have a very steep driveway at home and he just pedalled up that with ease and also a number of steep hills that are around our place in Mt Waverley.

Nick gave it a good run the following day around Albert Park Lake. He was able to ramp it up to the speed of 5 and took off like a rocket up to 30km's per hour and he handled it with great ease and obvious delight. He had no trouble keeping it under control and pulling it back when it was needed. He left me trailing behind on my two wheeler but he'll learn to ride in loops to accommodate my plain pedal power.

For a bloke who can't walk long distances, this installation is going to give us both great freedom. We were delighted with the speed at which it was installed by Steve as well and for his professionalism, interest and care. It has been an excellent purchase for increased freedom.

If anyone wants to speak with me about it I'll be happy to share Nick's experience.
Feel free to pass on my contact details if appropriate.

Kindest regards,
Heather Safstrom

Email: safstromnh1@bigpond.com
Phone: 0423 211 335