Rickshaw Headings

Since visiting various Asian countries some years ago, I have had a fascination with the variety of human powered vehicles adapted to carry passengers and freight. The opportunity to purchase one such vehicle, an Indian Rickshaw, came when visiting Bike Parts Wholesale a few weeks ago.

The vehicle was in a crate in the warehouse and without knowing just what was therein, I decided to put the box on my trailer, take it home and put it together. What emerged was a very colourful 85 kg monster that I could just manage to ride up a 4% slope.

How do those Indian Rickshaw drivers do it, especially with large tourists on board? My solution was to fit a 350 Watt 8-Fun motor, detuned too 200 watts to be street legal. Now I can get it up my 8% driveway with a passenger on board, not to mention running around Melbourne CBD.

We participated in the Bicycle Victoria Ride to Work Day event at Federation Square on 12th of October and got our Electric Rickshaw engraved by Victoria Police!


Steve On Electric Rickshaw

Rickshaw Rickshaw

Victoria Police engraving the Rickshaw

Steve interviewed by BV surveyors on
Ride to Work Day

Rickshaw Rickshaw

8 Fun 350 Watt Motor

Battery Controller In Lunch Box Under Seat


RIckshaw In The Royal Botanical Gardens